We use Hubot a lot at work. (Hubot is an open-source chatroom robot, made by github)

During the past two years, I've made over 250 commits to our company Hubot, and added a host of functionality in CoffeeScript:

  • Queueing for our office Spotify-powered jukebox
  • Hubot emotions
  • An uptime script that can report back about problems with sites we host
  • A last-fm script that can tell us what we are currently playing
  • A twitter mention script that pings us when someone mentions us on twitter
  • A better reminder script to allow Hubot to remind us of to-do items
  • Integration with the Strava API I built so we can brag in the chatroom about miles ridden
  • A host of fun and frivolous functionlities that keep us happy

View Hubot LastFM script View Hubot Twitter Script