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Eric Stiens (Coder For Good | Software Engineer)

I excel at figuring out how to solve problems at all levels of abstraction (including what level of abstraction you should use), getting a solution in place, and then figuring out the feedback loops to iterate on that solution. This includes code and social issues. I'm the senior engineer that knows that most coding is coming to an understanding of what problem you are trying to solve. Trying to change the world, still parsing the source code.


Software for Good (2014 - present)

Full-stack web development at a shop that focuses on organizations that are focusing on social impact. Programming: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, API design, API integrations,TDD/BDD, CI/CD. Also experienced with stakeholder interviews, writing user stories,rapid prototyping/MVPs, fixing test suites, managing backlogs, estimating tickets,breaking monoliths into microservices, and putting microservices back together into a monolith.

Mini Apple Design (2010-2014)

Founder and only developer at a small web design shop focused on small-to-medium-size sites for non-profits, individuals, and small businesses. I did mainly Wordpress and Drupal customization or static sites. Setup a lot of CRMs. Taught people how to do mail merges and work with databases. Hooked up printers and setup VPNs. Built donation pages for social media campaigns. Taught people how to use adwords and analytics. Etc etc etc. Basically anything that an IT department might do for a small organization, I did.

Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity (2003-2005 | 2009-2012)

Worked on integrating systems science and other participatory research methods into racial justice work. Research and advocacy focused around the structural mechanisms that reproduce racial hierarchy and disparities. Did policy research, wrote amici curiae briefs, co-wrote book chapters, wrote and delivered presentations on the relationship between land use policy and racial segregation. One of three founding researching associates brought on to start the Institute.

Former: Youth Worker, Reseacher, Policy Analyst, Graduate School TA, Web Forum Maintainer


Washington University in St Louis (MSW) - 2008

Frank J Bruno Scholar for innovation in social work practice. Doctoral-level coursework in quantiative and qualitative analysis methods. TA for system dynamics/policy analysis course. Also helped run the IT department for a work-study position installing hardware and software.

Macalester College - 2001

BA Sociology - National Merit Finalist

Bitmaker Labs - 2013

Ruby / Rails / Javascript bootcamp