The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well was built for TTATC VI (a Burnery event in Minnesota), with the hope of taking it to Burning Man in 2017. The Wishing Well is a magical experience that starts as you walk up a path of lanterns and giant glowing flowers towards a well humming and pulsing in the distance. As you approach the well, you see that it extends into infinity. Participants were able to write their wishes on the wood the well was built out of, creating a living and changing piece of art over the course of the weekend. The Well played a variety of sounds, and also recorded any sounds that were made nearby and played them back at random. Participants were also able to pull a lever on a well and receive a tangible token with a quest on it. By completing their quest, they could increase the chances that their wish was granted. Made of wood, 2-way mirrors, and about 600 individually programmable LEDs, the Well was controlled via a Raspberry Pi hidden underneath it. Looking into the well, participants could gaze into a seemingly infinitely deep well that shimmered with colors and kaleidoscopic patterns.

You can watch a short movie of The Wishing Well.

  • Team:
    Eric Stiens: Concept/Design/Code/Electronics
    Tommy Coolburn: Carpentry/Transportation
    Alina Antoniou: Concept/Art Direction/Path and Flowers
    Jake Iwen: CAD master/Token Dispenser/Electronics
    Tom Baum: Jack-Of-All-Trades/Coding/Electronics
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